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Mind and Body are our Foundations

A state of the art boutique studio for wellness and movement in the Pilates method.

Our Pilates Practitioners can teach you how to move more efficiently, reducing pain and preventing injury. Concentration and integration of the mind and body are the foundations of the Pilates Method. The benefits are that your body will feel, look and perform at its best.


Peace of Mind for your Body


Since 1995 the Pilates Body studio is well known and loved for the quality instruction in a friendly, supportive and personal studio environment.


We have renamed and relocated the studio from the city to a smaller boutique studio in Ponsonby.  

The Polestar Pilates Studio is also the training centre for Polestar Education, the internationally recognised leader in Pilates instructor training and certification - so rest assured you're in good hands.

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You are in Safe Hands

Rest assured, our Studio complies with all of the COVID-19 Health & Safety requirements for you as our clients as well as all of our staff.  


The safety & well-being of all people is our first priority.   

As you can see in this short video, we even use our garden and courtyard setting as an open-air Studio to complement the indoors!

To find out if Pilates is right for you, or to book a personal assessment call (09) 303 2211.

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