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Studio Group Classes

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Studio classes are highly personalised: they are taught one on one or in small group classes with up to 4 students per instructor.

The sessions combine exercises on specially designed Pilates equipment and mat repertoire to give you a uniquely tailored workout.


Our unique Pilates programs target the pelvic floor and deep stabilising muscles of the trunk, while incorporating diaphragmatic breathing. This ensures that the spine is adequately supported while promoting safe, efficient movement of the entire body, reducing stress and relieving pain.

All new clients to the studio complete 1-4 private sessions before joining studio group sessions. This allows us to perform an assessment of your personal goals and to prepare a treatment plan to suit your needs. 

These sessions are ideal for those wanting to work on specific needs or to have an individualised well rounded programme utilising all of the studio equipment. Sessions are 60 minutes each.


Terms and conditions: All concessions are valid for 3 months and non-refundable or transferable. Prices are inclusive of GST.


10 sessions

5 sessions




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