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Private Sessions

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At the Polestar Studio in Ponsonby we offer personal 1:1 Pilates sessions with one of our highly-skilled Polestar Pilates practitioners.  

All of the staff are Polestar Pilates Educators who teach the certification courses to trainee instructors.

If you want a personally targeted experience, personal Pilates sessions are the way to go. By working with you on an individual basis your teacher will create tailored sessions to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. You will learn how to perform all of the exercises correctly and safely with good technique.


The most obvious benefit of Private Pilates starts from having the teacher’s undivided attention, so that choices of apparatus, movements, and how-tos are all tailored to your individual needs and goals. A private session is the most effective way to learn, practise and perfect the Pilates movements and sequences that are ideal for your physicality.

The fee for a private session equals $120, for a duet private session $150, both incl. GST. 


The fee for a private session with Maree Seerden, Senior Practitioner, equals $140. 

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